Seminer - May 26, 2016

Date: 26th May 2016 between 12:40-13:30 am


Location: MM building 4th floor class:411


Speaker: Ipek Duzenli Ozay (BME MSc student)


Title of the seminar: "PCL Based Bilayer Scaffolds for Dental Tissue Engineering"


Abstract: Periodontitis is a major chronic inflammatory disorder that can lead to the destruction of the periodontal tissues and ultimately tooth loss. To date, flap debriment and periodontal regenerative therapy with membranes and bone grafting materials have been employed with distinct levels of clinical success. Current resorbable and non-resorbable membranes act as a physical barrier to avoid connective and epithelial tissue growth into the defect. These conventional membranes possess many structural, mechanical, and biofunctional limitations for periodontal regeneration. The main purpose of this thesis is to prepare bilayer polymeric scaffolds containing a film on one side and a porous structure on the other side for periodontal regeneration. First, porous PCL scaffolds will be prepared by sucrose leaching method. Then, gelatin film will be formed on top of the PCL scaffold by spraying as a second layer which will act as a barrier to prevent cell down-growth into the defect. Gelatin film will be crosslinked by gluteraldeyhde to provide the stability of film. In addition, an antibiotic will be loaded into the film to prevent any infection. Prepared bilayer scaffolds will be characterized using scanning electron microscopy, mercury porosimetry, mechanical analysis, degradation analysis. The in vitro efficiency of the scaffolds will be tested by using a model cell line.