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  • Program has four tracks and one of the tracks takes the responsibility of coordination for a two-year term. Thus, the Program Coordinator is selected among the members of the track which is responsible for the current term by Academic Board of the Program and endorsed by the Director of Natural and Applied Sciences for two-year term. Graduate Committee has five members: One from each track and the program coordinator. Tracks determine their own nominee and Committee is endorsed by the Director of Natural and Applied Sciences. Program Coordinators and Graduate Committee Members of the previous years are presented.


  • Program Coordinators and Graduate Committee Members


2007-2009: Nesrin Hasırcı (Program Coordinator): 
Nesrin Hasırcı, Semra Kocabıyık, Ergin Tönük, Yeşim Serinağaoğlu, Ayşen Tezcaner

2009-2011: M. Zülfü Aşık (Program Coordinator): 
M. Zülfü Aşık ,Nesrin Hasırcı , B. Murat Eyüboğlu, Tülin Yanık, Dilek Ş. Keskin

2011-2013: Semra Kocabıyık (Program Coordinator): Semra Kocabıyık, Nevzat Gencer, M. Zülfü Aşık, Caner Durucan

2013-2015: Vasıf Hasırcı (Program Coordinator): Vasıf Hasırcı, Hakan I. Tarman, Dilek Keskin, İlkay Ulusoy, Ewa Doğru

2015-2017: Hakan I. Tarman (Program Coordinator): Hakan I. Tarman, Ergin Tönük, Ayşen Tezcaner, Haluk Külah, Vilda Purutçuoğlu

2017-2019 : Ergin Tönük (Program Coordinator): Ergin Tönük, Yeşim Serinağaoğlu Doğrusöz, Dilek Ş. Keskin, Hakan I. Tarman/M. Bülent Özer, Vilda Purutçuoğlu

2019- : Vilda Purutçuoğlu


  • Seminar Coordinators

Seminars are coordinated by a Seminar Coordinator appointed by the Program Coordinator among the members of a track for each term.

Seminar Coordinators of the previous years are presented below.

 Biomaterials: Nesrin Hasırcı, Caner Durucan

(2008-2009) Bioelectrical: Yeşim Serinağaoğlu

 Biomolecular: Tulin Yanık, Mahinur Akkaya

(2010-2011) Biomechanics: Senih Gürses, Zafer Evis

(2011-2012) Biomaterials: Ayşen Tezcaner, Caner Durucan

(2012-2013) Bioelectrical: İlkay Ulusoy

(2012-2013) Biomechanics: Hakan I. Tarman

(2013-2014-I) Biomolecular: Vilda Purutçuoğlu

(2013-2014-II) Biomaterials: Salih Özçubukçu

(2014-2015) Bioelectrical: Didem Gökçay

(2015-2016) Biomaterials: Erhan Bat

(2016-1) Biomaterials: Batur Ercan

(2016-2) Biomechanics: Hakan I. Tarman

(2017-1) Biochemistry: Can Özen

(2017-2) Biomaterials: Salih Özçubukçu

(2018-1) Biochemistry: Can Özen

(2018-2) Bioelectical: Didem Gökçay


A co-supervisor is appointed for each thesis.The co-supervisor is selected from another track or from a different department than BME.