Background Requirements
Following courses from METU or equivalent 
·   Mathematics
(MATH 151 or MATH 119)  and (MATH 152 or MATH120)
·   Physics
(PHYS 111 and PHYS 112) or (PHYS 105 and PHYS 106)
·   Chemistry
(CHEM 101 and CHEM 102) or CHEM 107
·   Biology
BIO 101 or GENE 103 or GENE 104 or BIO255
·   Computer Programing
CENG 230 or CENG 220 or CENG 200
If three courses or less from the courses listed above are not seen in the transcript, the application may be accepted under the conditions of:  
i) not having any problem with the credit requirement and prerequisite courses for the deficiency program (Regulations by the university).
ii) taking those courses (at most three) during the deficiency program. 

Applicants who are accepted need to register for one or two-semester deficiency program if necessary. Students who successfully complete the deficiency program in at most two semesters and the students who do not need the deficiency program may register for the graduate program in Biomedical Engineering.
The deficiency program will be customized for individual students. During the deficiency program, it is possible to register for the graduate program courses to complete the program without extra time.